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About Car Breakdown Cover

The dos of car breakdown cover :

  • The policy that one chooses should suit the car being insured, not the owner. If the vehicle that is going to be insured against a possible breakdown is over a decade old, then getting simple roadside assistance will not be enough. A more comprehensive cover must include recovery to the local garage, onward travel and home assistance. On the contrary, a simple roadside assistance plan may be sufficient for a brand new car.
  • During the winter season, spend more on car breakdown cover insurance. Statistics show that more cars breakdown during the colder months of the year. This is because the car’s engine does not remain ‘warm’ overnight and problems can be encountered in the smooth running of the vehicle. Other factors like skidding and swerving on snowy passages might also cause problems. As the chances of a collapse are higher, it is smarter to invest more to get insured.
  • While conducting research, give preference to the companies that customers have voted on top. Every breakdown cover firm will have listed its credentials on their websites. They will have a lot to say about why they are the very best in car breakdown cover. However it is the customer that is always right. Read customer reviews about the covers that are under consideration. Believe the company’s clients and not the company’s salesmen.

The don’ts of car breakdown cover :

  • If the person seeking cover against breakdown is car-savvy and has good Do-It-Yourself skills, then it is better to spend less. If the car owner is tech-savvy, than it is likely that they will get their car running themselves. Here, one can forego the home assistance option to save some money. If the car fails to start up when the driver is still at home, it will not be as dangerous as getting stuck in the middle of a deserted highway.
  • However, do not put the vehicle in danger by trying to save money! People can be miserly in their selection of the best car breakdown cover. This is a huge risk that can put the driver and the car in jeopardy. Go for a comprehensive, economical and secure package – one that ensures that the driver’s journey will continue.
  • Before taking a trip do not choose a breakdown company from the country being visited. Always get the trip secured against a car breakdown from the native country. The travellers will not be familiar with the customs that breakdown cover firms follow in the country being visited and this can cause undue confusion. It is better to get a trip cover package by a local breakdown cover business that knows the travellers.