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Different forms of Body Part Insurance


Legs are one of the most popularly insured body parts, especially with celebrities, sportsmen and supermodels. Many supermodels are booked based on the appearance of their legs, and thus insure their precious pins for millions, should anything happen to them. More popularly insured legs belong to football players, as they would be out of pocket in a big way should they lose use of one or both of their legs. In addition to this, football players work hard to have strong legs, and during games their legs can be under attack and get kicked, causing grievous damage.


Many people use their hands to make a living, more specifically so, surgeons, doctors and musicians. Various sports players who use their hands in their career may also find value in insuring these appendages should anything go wrong and they are unable to earn a living. Losing use of a hand or both hands can mean the end of their career, and thus it is imperative that the person’s hands are insured. Dependent upon how much money the person makes by utilizing their hands, they may have to pay an expensive premium to ensure that they receive an adequate payout if they lose use of their hands.


There are various other body parts that can be insured. For example, famous singers will insure their vocal chords, and wine tasters can insure their taste buds! Teeth models for famous toothpaste and dental care brands can insure their teeth or their smile and dancers can insure their entire anatomy.

As you can tell, there is body part insurance for just about any part of the body! Not to be confused with disability insurance, which can be taken out by anyone to ensure they do not lose income should they become unable to work, body parts insurance is usually taken out over and above disability insurance, especially if the body part insured makes a lot of money for the insured.² If you require body part insurance for an appendage, you need to do some thorough research into the insurance market and see if it is available in your country. There are usually many clauses and different requirements before you can insure a body part.