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Learn More about Home Insurance

A good home insurance plan provides coverage for the following :

  • Damage to the structure of the house due to natural calamities or fire break-out
  • Loss to content and valuables of the house

General features of home insurance

  • Coverage for fire, theft, explosion, burglary, natural disasters and contents of the house
  • Coverage towards jewels and gems, if required
  • Coverage towards electronic devices, if required
  • Covers damage to the house periphery
  • Flexible option of premium payment on monthly or annual basis
  • Online purchase option to save time and effort
  • Installation of safety devices like theft alarm, smoke alarm and any other such devices help in availing discounts on premium
  • Insurance is extended on rented and owned properties

Getting home insurance quote

Home insurance quote depends upon various factors :

  • Rented or owned accommodation
  • Type of property: flat or individual house
  • Property age
  • Coverage type: structure or content or both

You can easily get the premium quotes online also by providing the above details.

Determining coverage amount

Coverage amount is the maximum limit that would be paid if some damage occurs to the house. The major factor that determines the coverage amount is reconstruction cost of the house. Reconstruction cost is ascertained by the following formula:

Total constructed area*Construction cost per square feet

Many people assume that cost of the house is taken into consideration while calculating the coverage amount. However, this is entirely a wrong assumption. The market value of the house may be much more than the reconstruction cost of the house and it is not beneficial in evaluating the loss to the structure. The insurance aims to cover the damages/loss and not to provide profit to the insurer.

Going for home insurance is a prudent decision as your lifelong saving demands a robust protection. You can definitely rest at peace once you are sure that your shelter is safe. Hence, do not wait for a calamity to define your define your home insurance priorities but act now.