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Why Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

Accidents are not restricted to the roads alone, it can happen even when you are indoors. You can slip from the stairs or fall in the floor or suffer from burns while cooking. In any such situations, immediate medical treatment is required which means unexpected medical costs. To deal with such situations what you need is a personal accident insurance policy. It protects you and your family against losses which arise from a personal accident. The accident can be a minor or a major one, but the policy will provide compensation for medical expenses. In the event of a severe loss, the policy will pay a lump sum. The policy pays out for situations such as :

  • Permanent total disablement
  • Permanent partial disablement
  • Temporary total disablement
  • Permanent disablement or loss of life while travelling in a public transport
  • Daily cash for hospital

The policy also pays out if personal injury has been caused by acts of terrorism. Coverage offered by this policy is applicable inside the country. The period of coverage is for a period of twelve months, after which the policy has to be renewed.

There is no need to undergo any medical tests to avail this policy. Furthermore, you also don’t have to provide documents. It can be applied by anyone from 18 to 65 years of age. If you take a floater policy, coverage is extended to your spouse and two dependent children